Discovery Workshop Chatbots & KI

This workshop offers companies the opportunity to discover the world of messenger communication and chatbots. We will guide you through a customised, practice-oriented workshop to determine whether and how a messenger solution can help your company to optimise processes, strengthen customer loyalty and increase sales.

About the workshop

Our Discovery Workshop is designed to first determine whether your company could benefit from a chatbot. Customised for your specific needs, it is ideal for specialist departments such as marketing and customer service, but also for management. The workshop offers deep insights into the latest chatbot technologies and enables hands-on learning through interactive sessions. You can choose between an in-house workshop and a digital format, with the aim of developing a clear action plan if implementation seems sensible.


Each workshop is customised to the needs of your company.

Target group

Ideal for marketing and customer service, but also for management.

Technology insights

Detailed information on the latest chatbot technologies and platforms.

Hands-on learning

Interactive sessions and practical exercises for tangible, applicable insights.

Flexible format

Choose between an in-house workshop or a digital workshop for distributed teams.

Utilisable results

Including the creation of a concrete action plan for possible implementation.

  1. Introduction and objectives (ca. 30 minutes):
    The workshop begins with a round of introductions during which participants and the workshop leader get to know each other. The objectives of the workshop are then defined, followed by a brief introduction to the world of messenger communication and chatbots.
  2. Fundamentals of messenger communication and chatbots (approx. 1 hour):
    In this section, participants are given a comprehensive overview of the various channels, current trends and user behaviour in the field of messenger communication. In addition, basic functions, types and technologies of chatbots are explained, supplemented by best practice examples and case studies.
  3. Needs analysis and areas of application (approx. 1 hour):
    An interactive session is held here to identify the specific needs of the participating companies. This is followed by a discussion about possible areas of application for chatbots in various industries, as well as group work to collect ideas and initial concept drafts.

    — Lunch break —

  4. Strategy development and planning (approx. 1 hour):
    In this part of the workshop, a strategy for the implementation of chatbots will be developed. This includes the planning of integration steps in existing communication channels and a discussion of possible challenges and solutions.
  5. Technical implementation and platform selection (approx. 30 minutes):
    Participants will be given an overview of the technical aspects and platforms for chatbots. Criteria for selecting the right platform and tools are discussed, and practical tips on technical implementation are given.
  6. Practical exercise and prototyping (approx. 1 hour):
    In this practical part of the workshop, participants will work in groups to create a simple chatbot prototype. These prototypes are then presented and discussed in a feedback round.
  7. Final discussion and next steps (30 minutes):
    The workshop ends with a summary of the results achieved and a discussion on the next steps and action planning. Finally, a feedback round takes place to evaluate the workshop.

Arrange an appointment

We look forward to working with you to find a suitable date for the Discovery Workshop. Contact us using our form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.