WhatsApp chatbots for events and festivals: always up-to-date – no app

In today’s digital world, messenger chatbots have become an indispensable tool for companies. They fulfil a variety of tasks, from improving customer service to optimising business processes. Now, they have also found their way into an industry you might not have expected – the event and festival industry. Messenger chatbots, such as WhatsApp, offer an innovative solution for overcoming complex challenges in organising events and festivals while increasing visitor loyalty.

This article serves as a source of inspiration and offers event organisers an initial overview of possible areas of application and scenarios. Chatbots can be used, for example, to provide event information, answer FAQs, assist with ticket bookings or as interactive signposts on the event site. As an expert in messenger communication and chatbots, Memacon GmbH also offers a ready-made messenger chatbot solution. Please contact us using the form at the end of the article.

Lineup and schedule retrieval via WhatsApp

One of the biggest advantages of using a WhatsApp chatbot for your event or festival is the ability to give visitors access to important information in real-time. An example of this is the lineup or schedule.

Visitors can simply send a message to the chatbot and immediately receive a reply with the details of the lineup or schedule. This can be in the form of a simple text or a PDF, whichever is most appropriate for the event or festival.

This feature can help reduce the number of enquiries your customer service team has to deal with while ensuring your visitors are always in the loop.

Welcome dialogue via WhatsApp chatbot
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Customer service via WhatsApp chatbot at events and festivals

Using our WhatsApp chatbots at events and festivals can significantly contribute to meeting or even exceeding customer service requirements and expectations by a wide variety of means.

Accessibility and user-friendliness:

As no additional app installation is required and many visitors are already familiar with WhatsApp or other messenger services, the chatbot enables easy and direct access to event information. This increases user-friendliness, as visitors can use the familiar WhatsApp interface to get details on event schedules and location information or even purchase tickets without having to navigate complex app menus. Of course, the WhatsApp chatbot service is free of charge for event visitors.

Increased efficiency in customer service:

WhatsApp chatbots can automatically process a large number of enquiries at events and festivals, which significantly reduces the workload on organisational staff. This includes answering frequently asked questions, providing information on artists, performance times and directions, as well as support with ticket and security issues.

Improved service quality through personalisation:

A messenger chatbot complements human customer service at events and festivals by enriching enquiries with additional information, such as ticket categories or visitors’ specific interests. This enables event staff to respond more efficiently to visitors’ specific concerns and offer them personalised recommendations without visitors or staff having to start from scratch with every interaction.

Overall, the use of WhatsApp chatbots at events and festivals not only helps to increase efficiency but also improves the quality of customer service. Visitors benefit from fast, user-friendly, and personalised support, while the workload of organisational staff is minimised.

Data protection and security

When implementing a WhatsApp chatbot for events and festivals, we attach great importance to data protection and security. Our aim is to provide solutions that comply with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We use professional messenger software that complies with current data protection regulations. It is always ensured that a commissioned data processing agreement (DPA) is concluded with all parties involved, including the software providers, to guarantee data protection.

We also recommend that event organisers review the privacy policy of the event or festival as part of the introduction of the chatbot and adapt it if necessary. We offer support in the form of general information and recommendations to help organisers comply with data protection regulations.

Retrieve speaker or act details

In addition to the lineup and schedule, WhatsApp chatbots can also be used to provide visitors with detailed information about the speakers or acts.

By simply typing in the speaker’s name or act, visitors can get a quick response with all the relevant information, such as the speaker’s bio, scheduled performance time and even links to their social media or websites.

This feature can help increase visitor engagement and help them get the most out of their event or festival experience.

Independent retrieval of information
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Map of the site or event location

During large events and festivals, it can often be difficult for visitors to find their way around. This is where WhatsApp chatbots can play a crucial role. Visitors can easily determine their position and reach their desired destinations by retrieving maps or floor plans of the venues directly to their mobile phones.

The advantage of sending these plans as PDFs is that they are always available, even if internet access is limited. Organisers can also highlight specific points on the maps, such as first aid stations, toilets or dining areas, to improve the visitor experience.

Site plan and further event details
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Event scavenger hunt with interactive WhatsApp games

WhatsApp chatbots can not only provide information services but also increase visitor engagement. How? By organising interactive WhatsApp games such as an event scavenger hunt.

Organisers can integrate puzzles and clues into the chatbot that guides visitors to different locations on the event site. This can be a great way to encourage visitors to explore the entire site and have fun. It can also help to strengthen the sense of community among attendees and enhance the overall experience of the event or festival.

Event scavenger hunt with interactive WhatsApp games
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The future of WhatsApp chatbots at events and festivals

With recent advances in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, chatbots at events and festivals are already able to handle complex enquiries, provide more accurate information about events and services, and automate a variety of customer service tasks. These capabilities are no longer just theoretical but are being put into practice and are continuously improving efficiency and interaction with visitors.

The benefits of WhatsApp chatbots at events and festivals illustrate their great potential. They are already playing a crucial role in revolutionising the event experience and leading the way to a smoother and more efficient visitor experience. With the constant development of artificial intelligence, we are only at the beginning of what is possible in this area.

At Memacon GmbH, we already offer solutions that make it possible to combine our pre-built industry templates with various large language models, such as ChatGPT. This means that event documents, such as FAQs or programme overviews, can be uploaded to the chatbot systems to answer frequently asked questions more efficiently and speed up other data-based queries. This further improves interaction and service quality at events and festivals.


WhatsApp chatbots are a valuable tool for any event or festival organiser. With their ability to improve information access, optimise customer service and increase visitor engagement, they can help make any event or festival a huge success.

If you would like to learn more about how a WhatsApp chatbot could support your processes at your next event or festival, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss the details of our industry solution and help you on your way to a successful deployment.


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