Our consulting services for your business

Strategy Consulting

Do you want to integrate messenger communication into your business or brand and need professional support for this? Based on our experience and in close collaboration with you, we develop a consistent messenger strategy that integrates perfectly with your existing communication solutions.

Communication Design

Have you already set-up a messenger strategy for your business? We help you to create an efficient communication concept that is easy to understand for your customer. Our experience saves you valuable time in the creation and helps your communication concept to succeed even further.

Chatbot Programming

Are your messenger strategy and communication design already created and need to be implemented? We offer the necessary resources by working closely together with programmers from Germany, who will guarantee that your messenger communication is technically feasible and your dialogue data is safe.


Talks and workshops for your company

Theme Talk: Messenger Communication

Would you like to give your employees an introduction or a closer look into messenger communication? We are happy to help with an in-house talk focusing on messenger newsletters and messenger chatbots. In only one hour, we will bring your team up to date and excite them with many use-cases from relevant industries.

Workshop: Messenger-Chatbot

The workshop "Messenger-Chatbot" provides an introduction to chatbots in messengers, looks into the development of a chatbot concept and the creation of a chatbot with simple communication solutions. The workshop lasts about three hours and enables your team to create and edit a professional messenger chatbot.