Discovery Workshop
Chatbots & artificial intelligence

Our most successful consulting solution introduces your team to the world of efficient messenger communication, chatbots and artificial intelligence. In the Discovery Workshop, participants not only learn about all relevant aspects of modern (partially) automated communication, but also receive answers to the question of how a company can best utilise chatbots and AI. We analyse your specific needs and show you how AI-based bot solutions can bring benefits to your company. Benefit from our in-depth knowledge and experience to realise the potential of innovative communication channels and AI applications.

ChatGPT Workshop

Our practical workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to the world of AI-supported communication and is particularly interesting for employees. You will learn how this technology can revolutionise text work and be used effectively in everyday office life. The workshop emphasises the importance of responsible use of ChatGPT to ensure security and data protection. It also provides insights into advanced features and alternative solutions. This training is a valuable resource for unlocking the full potential of ChatGPT and integrating it securely into your organisation.


Our WhatsApp marketing workshop, specifically designed for advertising agencies, is also ideal for businesses looking to enter the world of WhatsApp marketing. The workshop provides a thorough introduction to the strategies and tools needed for effective marketing on this platform. Participants will learn how to creatively design and implement campaigns to maximise impact. We place a special focus on how to create targeted and personalised content that drives customer engagement. This workshop is an essential resource for anyone looking to realise the full potential of WhatsApp marketing and implement it successfully in their business.