Easter holidays

Every year, elaborate Easter campaigns are launched to kick off the new year for consumers. In addition to the well-known competitions, you can also always find digital search games and guessing games. With a messenger chatbot, classic campaigns can be taken to a whole new level. Whether it’s the WhatsApp egg hunt or a Facebook Messenger gift advice bot for the family – there are numerous possibilities.

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is always a wonderful opportunity for the annual campaign. The use of messenger chatbots in particular pays off massively for advertising agency clients due to the close customer loyalty. Men in particular are always overwhelmed by the choice of gifts and can be pleasantly guided through various gift options by a chatbot. Wouldn’t it be great if my favourite brand supported me in my decision?

Mother's Day

“Say thank you to your mum“ was the 2018 NIVEA campaign, which we were able to successfully implement. However, in addition to the classic thank-you message to your own mother, Mother’s Day is also a great opportunity every year to place particularly heart-warming moments in the campaign world. From the classic personalised thank you card via WhatsApp to the flower ordering service via Messenger, there are virtually no limits to the campaign world.

Father's Day

Father’s Day is becoming increasingly relevant in the world of advertising. Crowds of men use the day for extensive walks and tours and can be suitably accompanied by a messenger campaign from a brand. For example, a WhatsApp beer advisor, a drinking game solution or simply the classic alcohol calculator via Messenger chatbot. Father’s Day offers great opportunities for Messenger chatbots.


Halloween is also becoming increasingly important in Europe. Almost every brand/company now offers a special promotion for the Pumpkin Festival and focuses on a strong appearance on the theme. Messenger chatbots can of course also fully support these campaigns. Be it with a creepy chatbot that sends gruesome voice messages or scary stories or a security solution to track the little ones on their tour.

Advent season & Christmas

The Advent season and especially the possibilities of the classic Advent calendar offer countless variations for a messenger chatbot. Whether WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or other messengers – the Advent calendar with its daily recurring delights for the user is still one of the most promising campaigns in the annual overview. Open a little door every day via WhatsApp or special coupons on the days of Advent – anything is possible.

New Year's Eve/New Year

Families, friends and acquaintances come together at the end of the year and spend a unique day/evening/morning together. The perfect moment to make a lasting impression as a brand or company. For example, a review of the past year with randomly generated events from the previous year can be used to provide amusement while pouring lead, or appropriate specialist knowledge with clever resolutions for the following year can be requested.

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