Use Messenger as a company and make customers happy!

Primary communication channel

Messenger is already the number one communication channel – before email, social media and Co.! With more than 2.4 billion daily active users worldwide, the Facebook group with its messengers “Facebook Messenger” and “WhatsApp” already occupies the dominant position in the communications market. And in Germany alone, around 60 million users currently use the “WhatsApp” communication option for more than two hours a day. Take advantage of this trend and give your customers the opportunity to contact not only their friends, but also their favorite company on WhatsApp.

1:1 communication

Messenger channels take customer service capabilities to a whole new level. The messenger is asynchronous and allows both end users and companies a time-delayed communication that nobody is bothered by. No more broken off live chats on websites or endless phone calls with queues that frustrate customers, but 1: 1 communication on a chat basis.

(Partial) automated communication

Thanks to chatbots, many processes can be processed automatically and without human intervention. Starting with answering standard questions that customers ask you again and again, through the entire ordering process to processing complaints, chatbots can be used that are not bound to working hours, but are there for your customers 24/7, 365 days a year. Forget about rudimentary systems that frustrated the user rather than helping him! Modern chatbots work, are highly efficient and are individually adapted to a company. When used correctly, messenger communication offers many advantages for companies and customers.

Can be used in any industry!

Since messenger communication is not a marketing channel or a pure customer service channel, messenger solutions can be used in almost any existing industry. Whether as service support in a hotel, as a booking system in waste management or as an information channel for a brand. Feel free to contact us and find out which solution we propose or even have ready for your industry.

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