Use messenger communication to serve the customer right

Primary communication channel

Messengers are already the No. 1 channels for communication- ahead of Email, Social and Co.! With more than 2.4 billion daily active users worldwide, the Facebook Group is already taking the dominant position in the communications market with its messengers " Facebook Messenger" and " WhatsApp". In Germany alone, around 50 million users currently use the `WhatsApp` communication option for more than two hours a day.

1:1 communication

Messenger channels take the power of customer service to a whole new level. The Messenger is asynchronous and allows end consumers as well as companies a time-delayed communication. No more chatting on websites or endless phone calls with holding patterns that frustrate customers, but one-to-one chat-based communication.

(Partial) Automated communication

The fact that messenger communication is mainly done in writing gives companies and brands the possibility to integrate partial or fully automated communication systems into their channel. Through regular analyzes, topics and requirements can be constantly adjusted. The end user is helped faster and companies and brands can generate a significant cost advantage.