Consulting that benefits the end user

Why Messenger?

Messenger communication is constantly growing, becoming one of the most accepted information and service channels worldwide; ahead of social media, ahead of apps, ahead of email and above all ahead of phones.

As companies are starting to communicate via automated dialogues with their customers, they no longer need extensive exchanges via telephone, but rather fast computers, finely tuned communication concepts and a user-friendly interface – hence, the messenger.

In order to proactively help shape this process, Moritz Beck founded a German consulting firm for messenger communications in Hamburg in 2018. Memacon GmbH operates worldwide in all industries.

About the Founder:

Moritz Beck has worked in online marketing for over 10 years. He started of as a photographer in the kitesurfing and windsurfing industry and became one of the founders of an own advertising agency within this industry later on.

Lately, he has worked as a Senior Consultant at MessengerPeople GmbH, the world first service provider for messenger solutions. Dring this time, he has recognized the aim of companies to delve deeper into messenger communication. Subsequently, he founded the Memacon GmbH in 2018 and now offers a business consultancy for messenger communication in the international market.

His motivation and his conviction to transfer things from the “complex” to the “simple” drives him on a daily basis. His in-depth expertise in communication, user guidance, and value creation for businesses and consumers as well as his extensive experience within the field make him an expert in messenger communication.